I have been reflecting on life and what is important to me.  It has occurred to me that more than anything I want to spend time the way I WANT to spend time.  I am so tired of spending time working for just a paycheck.  I am sick of spending 8 hours a day, 10 hours a day if you include travel time to and from work, to do a job that I know I am not called to do, a job that I am not passionate about.  It is getting to the point to where I don’t even care about money, I don’t even care if I can pay my bills, as long as I have MY TIME back!

What I want more than anything is, time with those I love.  I want to do things together with my best friend, the one that God chose for me, the one that I met at 15 and through the struggles of life, we are still best friends, my beloved, husband.  I want to spend so much time getting to know my children as a friend, as they venture into adulthood.  I want to play with my future grand babies!  I want to sit and talk with my mom who’s health is deteriorating more and more by each passing day.  I want to go shopping with my sisters and walk through the ups and downs as they begin  their adult life.  I want to be close to my brother like we were when we were younger.  I want to watch sports with my dad and watch him enjoy his life in retirement.  I want go get my nails and hair done with my stepmom who has always treated me like I was her daughter and nothing less.   I want to watch movies and play games with my cousins that are more like siblings than cousins.  I want to take trips with my nieces and nephews.  I want to surround myself with my friends, the ones that build me up, the ones that make me believe that I can do anything and push me to be who I am meant to be.  I want precious time to devote to missions and so much quality quiet time with God.  I want time to help others physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and even financially.

So that is my WHY!!  Why when this opportunity was presented to me 14 months ago I took a step of faith and have built an income that is truly coming in “outside of my time”.  An income that is willable to my children and grandchildren.  I found a way to leave a legacy that will carry on way after I am in heaven with my Heavenly Father!

With that being said, I have set goals, BIG goals!  I WILL have a house in Florida to be close to my family and I WILL have a house in Texas to be close to other family.  I have a goal of no longer having my 8-5 Monday-Friday gig that is currently robbing me of my time, just in order to pay a few bills. I WILL have multiple steady streams of income to where I can schedule my work time, on MY terms and nobody elses.  I will never miss an important family event and when I just want to sit and have a cup of coffee with a friend, I CAN!

One of my mentors, JR Ridinger, always asks “How’s your dash?”  You see, you have a birth date and a death date, but neither of those really matter.  What is important is what you do with your dash, the time in between those two dates.  So let me ask you, how is your dash?  I am going to make mine worth every second!